Tyler started magic at the age of 15 by reading books from the library. Quickly realizing he had no interest in fake boxes and hidden mirrors, he became drawn toward things that could be done with ordinary and unprepared objects. (Which, coincidentally, is significantly cheaper than having to buy fake boxes and hidden mirrors.) Thus, Tyler’s magic was born.

He has entertained people from every walk of life and under every circumstance: Private Parties for celebrities such as Garrison Keilor and Family, Manufacturing Conventions, Trade Shows, Store Openings, Ritzy Costume Balls, to name just a few. He’s also appeared in Industrial Films as an “Expert Manipulator” for Mervyn’s, Stonearch Productions and Media Loft.

In addition to his busy performing schedule, Tyler is also a Professional Magic Instructor, operating out of the Twin Cities Magic and Costume shop in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He has a large student following, many of whom are full-time professional magicians. Tyler has designed custom illusions, and even full shows, for other entertainers.  He’s also been a consultant for magic on Television.

With his international reputation, he took his school Stronger Magic online and now has taught hundreds of magicians from around the world.

In 2000, the year he joined Ring 19 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, he won the coveted “Magician of the Year” award, a feat he repeated in 2001 and 2002, becoming the first and only consecutive three-time winner in the history of the branch. He has many First Place medals from their Presidential Competition, both in the Stage and Close-Up categories. In 2003, Tyler was made a member of FFFF, an exclusive invitation-only convention for sleight-of-hand artists, considered by many to be the pinnacle honor that can be bestowed in the international magic community.

In 2011 he received rave reviews for his lecture tour of Europe, including stops in France, Belgium, Holland, and London.


You certainly impressed everyone… nice work!

John D., VisionShare Inc.

Tyler did a great job entertaining our guests through the evening.  His sleight of hand really had everyone talking!

Scott Cummings, Senior Manager Accenture

We had Tyler entertain our entire group of VIP’s and he was just amazing! All of our guests thought he was great, and they loved when he strolled around performing close-up magic. He was easy to work with and a true professional. I would recommend Tyler for any event, and am looking forward to the next time we can have him back!

Brian Wolf, CEO Wolf Tax Advisory Group Inc.

Our guests really enjoyed themselves and had a great time watching and participating. I found one guest with a very strange look on her face…she said she wasn’t sure if she’d ever feel right again. She knew a coin hadn’t actually gone through her hand, but it was done so well as to leave her a bit struck.

Lisa Lulu, Admin Dept. The Weidt Group

Tyler did a great job! He was very friendly with our potential clients at the convention. His personality and smooth performance made him worth every penny. I would definitely hire him again!

Dan Reynoso, AT Group

We love how Tyler incorporated everyone with his magic. He went above  and beyond what was expected with up close and personal shows. His magic and personality left a lasting impression on every one of us.


Tyler’s wit and interaction with his audience complements his talent as a magician. His superb sleight-of-hand  amazed even the most skeptical guests.  The stage show had our staff completely mystified.  Tyler’s magic isn’t just a performance, it’s a First Class Show! We couldn’t be more pleased.

Michael W. Bresnahan CFO, Security State Bank

Your dry wit and humor on stage, along with some awesome magic made our evening a total success! We’ll be recommending you to others.

Bill Schult Sr. CEO Maximum Potential

It will be a long time before your guests stop talking about Tyler’s Magic Stage Show. He delivers the perfect blend of sophistication and snark, intelligence and fun.

People will rave about how uncommonly open Tyler is both in personality and with his props; almost as if he has nothing to hide.

Still, the things he does are nothing short of impossible.

Tired of the same old thing at your house parties? Wouldn’t it be great to do something no one has seen before?!

Tyler steps right into your living room and does a magic show just like the stuff you have seen on TV, only better, because it’s live!

Similar to his corporate show, Tyler uses audience members–that’s your friends and family–to not only watch the magic, but to be a part of the performance itself.

No, this isn’t the kind of thing where people are singled out for public humiliation; it’s just the opposite. Anyone who helps Tyler is given the best seat in the house, and treated like a star. By the end of the show, people are hoping to be called upon to help with the fun.

Whether as a warm up for the crowd before his “big” show, or just as a stand-alone form of entertainment,  Tyler is the perfect icebreaker.

Mingling effortlessly through the crowd, Tyler makes your guests crazy with excitement as he steals money from inside their clenched fists, reads their minds, and–apparently– bends reality to his whim.

Of course, this is all done with his characteristic charm, humor and total lack of ego.

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